You're Too Wonderful
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MISHA BITTLESTON vocals, guitars, synths, effects, drum programming, string arrangements, field recordings; ukulele on Don’t Feel Sorry For Lovers; bass on Sweet To Me and additional bass on Underground

DAVE AHL piano, organ, electric piano, glockenspiel, drum programming and string arrangements; rhythm guitar and backup vocals on Can’t Think Right

DAVID MULLER drums and percussion

JEREMY KAY bass on Eight Two and Can’t Think Right

DICK FURY bass on Wondering, Underground and Don’t Feel Sorry For Lovers

AJA TAHARI MARSH backup vocals on Eight Two and Don’t Feel Sorry For Lovers, percussion and piano on Don’t Feel Sorry For Lovers

WITH members of KHORIKOS A CAPPELLA ENSEMBLE vocals on Eight Two; TOSHI YANO Moog on Wondering; STEVEN PLUMMER additional guitar on Eight Two


Can’t Think Right produced by DAVE AHL
Additional production by Toshi Yano and David Muller

Recorded at Melody Lanes, Brooklyn, by Toshi Yano
and at Apartment Four The Future, Brooklyn, by Misha Bittleston; additional recording at Stepwise Sound, Brooklyn, by Dave Ahl

Arranged, Edited, and Mixed by Dave Ahl and Misha Bittleston at 
Apartment Four The Future and Stepwise Sound, Brooklyn

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, New York City
Assistant mastering engineer Joe LaPorta

Design by Tom Helleberg

Art by Misha Bittleston

Lost Puppy posters by Kelsey Herrity

All Songs written by Misha Bittleston
℗ 2010 Tenderghost (ASCAP)  © 2010 Electric Diving School
with the exception of Can’t Think Right (Tenderghost / Ahl) and Don’t Feel Sorry for Lovers (Tenderghost / Gamson / Gartside / Electric Diving School / Warner-Chappell) which is a parody of Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry For Loverboy). When I was growing up, my best friend loved Scritti Politti. We planned to be a band, be cool, and make a record. We lost touch. Referencing this song is my way of connecting the dots back to the dreams that got me here. Don’t Feel Sorry for Lovers turns a self-indulgently ironic love song, 
born of the excesses of the 80s, into an environmental love song that highlights the tragedy of loving a world that is doomed by our love of consuming it. Additional lyrics on Don’t Feel Sorry For Lovers by Aja Tahari Marsh. Lyrics on Can’t Think Right from the brilliant drawings of Diana Darett.