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This is home to the Brooklyn based music project You're Too Wonderful by EIGHT TWO. Self recorded, self released, self published, self promoted and independent.This project is a product of love. I am making the songs available for you, and posting the artwork that's part of the CD. It's a cool object, beautifully made and environmentally printed with sixteen panel fold out artwork and stickers all designed from the heart by Tom and EIGHT TWO, but for those who'd rather download it, this site gives you something to go with your iTunes download.  Here you'll find extras like a bonus track, lost puppy posters, videos, hidden stuff, credits, lyrics and thanks. You can have it for free, buy it on iTunes, play the lost puppy game for it, buy the beautiful object from Amazon, steal it from your friends or send me a post card and I'll send you one from Brooklyn with real love, because I mean it and because you're too wonderful.

I know it is only six songs, but actually it is four songs because Sweet To Me and Can't Think Right are really just parts of Eight Two that escaped. How did we chose these songs? A voice told me to put the names of twenty of them on pieces of paper in the ceramic trophy cup on the windowsill, that I made at the paint and glaze yourself store in the West Village, then ask "the musician" (that would be Dave) to pour "the chalice" and whatever song comes out is next. Strange as it may seem to someone who does not hear voices, it is scary fun, but more importantly it is a methodology that might just work better than doing the popular easy songs first. That is how the four songs were chosen to became six and You're Too Wonderful came to be. Maybe it is a statement about how I don't control the music, the music tells me how to be, because it does, and maybe it is because chance is my best collaborator, because it is, and there is no chance this would exist without believing, caring amazing collaborators like: Dave, Aja, David, Dick, Jeremy, Toshi, Tom, Emily and of course you, wonderful you.

These songs were selected randomly, picked from a cup. They're only a smattering of what's to come. Maybe this is a statement about how I don't control the music, the music tells me how to be.

Brooklyn NYC
Spring 2010

Release: You're Too Wonderful
Release Date: June 24, 2010
Record Label: Electric Diving School
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